oboka, 3 may 2016, 12:26
Just as if it was real, our starring characters in Youtubers Life —that is to say, you— will have to develop their life in different places depending on what they do at that moment.
In this new post, we will give full detail of the settings where the action takes place. Don’t get nervous, we won’t unveil any spoiler.

The main action will be developed in your room at your house. In this place you will have a computer and everything you need to record, upload and publish your videos. You will even have the chance to buy your basic needs —food, games, clothes and other items— directly from your bedroom! Obviously, you will also have a bed where to sleep and charge your batteries. In total there will be 5 different houses where you can live in, each bigger than the previous one… Hold on a sec, were there 5 or 6?

Apart from that, you will be forced to attend your social obligations and enjoy yourself. You are not supposed to record videos all of the time! Youtubers have their own life too and you will have to do like them! You may go to the cinema to watch a movie or you may brefer clubbing all night long. If you are lucky enough, you may even meet your soul mate and get married!

Besides, you will also have to attend presentations in which new products will be shown. In real life these conferences are quite tedious… Will they be boring in the game too? Of course not! Becoming a youtuber is always fun! You can even take a selfie in the photocall like celebs do!

You will also have the opportunity to increase your popularity among other professionals if you attend summits. There will be local, national and international summits. Pull yourself together, if you meet a celebrity, he or she may invite you to a private party. They say that parties set by nouveau riche are unbeatable.

Don’t miss more news in future posts. Each week before the launchdate we will be providing information about the game. You will soon experience a Youtubers Life!


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